Who is the Googling mum?

Neurotic, googles frequently and has a bad sense of humour.

Basically, Laura, a 34 year old mum to an adorable little girl, a wife to a rather quirky husband and primary caregiver to a highly affectionate cat. We also have a bun in the oven and a baby on the way – haha – the hilarity ensues!! (Note the bad sense of humour – sorry).

I also teach teenagers using a range of strategies including sarcasm and very long, droning speeches about how life is. Sometimes this is highly effective at others less so.

As for entering the realms of blogging, I felt a blog that perhaps showed the real state of a working mum’s lounge, didn’t feature recipes and posed more questions rather than answering any would make a refreshing change from the parenting and lifestyle blogs out there. Overall, this blog is really a way for me to document the early years of my parenthood adventure and to provide a space to express and explore the many thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis. Several of which I am certain must be common to parents everywhere (well the neurotic ones like me)!

And the name? Well since my parenting adventure began with asking that well known search engine ‘how to conceive?’, I haven’t stopped gooling since. Seriously, it’s my most recommended parenting method – if in doubt google it! So far, so successful!

As for the blog, well: it’s not regular, it’s not polished or professional, it’s not brand driven and it’s rather honest but if that’s your bag then maybe I’m the blogger for you!

Enjoy my random mummy musings. They are often the result of mild paranoia, sleep deprivation and trying to do too much. A common problem I am assured from my experiences with other parents. Oh and from googling ‘common parent problems’.

Laura xx