An open letter to all of those who don’t understand the concept of parent child parking spaces

To all of you who fail to grasp or appreciate the concept of parent child spaces,

Firstly, I hope you are well and enjoying whatever stage of life you are currently in. I, myself, am in the early years of being a mother; it’s a rather lovely stage of life as I am certain some of you may remember yourselves. The reason I am writing this post is that it has become rather apparent that there is some confusion as to who parent child parking spaces are for and why they exist.

As mentioned here (read points 7 and 8), I have quite strong views on this.

Below is a photo of a car parked in a space. Simple enough. That’s the whole point of car parking spaces. However, I want to draw your attention to the type of space it is and the type of car that is parked in the space.

Douche Car EDIT

It is a parent and child parking space. A space exclusively reserved for those parents/grandparents/carers who are responsible for driving around children, particularly young children, that may require a car seat or pushchair.

As for the car, we are looking at a sporty, black Mercedes. Very nice! Yes – a two seater sports car is most definitely going to be transporting a family around. There’s ample room for the pushchair in the boot and two car seats in the rear mmmmmmh.

Sarcasm aside, this is an actual photo from my local garden centre. Yes – this driver (who, I like to imagine, is in his mid fifties and having some sort of mid life crisis which is being manifested in his choice of vehicle) felt that it was appropriate for him to park his car in the space reserved for parents and children.

Now maybe, just maybe, they could be forgiven for parking here, if  there were several of these spaces vacant and it was a quiet day…however it wasn’t a quiet day and there were no spaces. Several kiddie filled cars circled this section of car park in desperation whilst the Douche Mobile sat happily hogging the desperately needed parent child space. Grrrrrr.

So why is this such a problem for some people to get their head around? Why did this driver feel that it was OK to park here? Why do people seem to think that it’s selfish and lazy of parents to have parking spaced dedicated to them?

To be honest, in my pre-parenthood days, I too used to question the need for parent child spaces…oh how I have now learnt the vital importance of an extra wide space that enables me to put up my pushchair without threatening the life of my child by being in the way of oncoming traffic. Sadly, maybe this is one of those lessons that you only learn post birth and retrospectively slap your self in the face for the arsey attitude you had.

What’s even more infuriating is the limited number of these spaces in places where parents are likely to flock like sheep. There’s usually about ten spaces and a million desperately competitive parents awaiting the spot, lurking like vultures circling a dead carcass. Consider this, how many of the population have spawned a child/child. They usually require the wider space to extract a baby car-seat for a travel system and negotiate the vehicle exit strategy of a toddler who is seconds away from a melt down. Trying to achieve this in a teeny-tiny space, stop tantrum toddler from being in the way of traffic whilst precariously positioning the pushchair and not scratch the paintwork of the car next to you is a challenge in its self.

To be honest, I know they are usually located in quite close proximity to the amenity they belong to, but I would quite happily have them situated at the furthest point away. This would prevent el Doucho and their Douche mobile snagging a space as they’re too ignorant or lazy to actually park in the regular spaces available. Douche.

I won’t even mention the abuse of parents with children who can walk, dress, feed themselves and are a few years away from learning to drive themselves using the bloody spaces!!! Your teenager doesn’t need the extra space for his ape like limbs to vacate the vehicle you know!!!

So, that’s a little explanation for those of you who may have happened to have not understood the reason for these spaces or didn’t understand why it is so frustrating for people without toddlers and babies to use the space.  The next time you contemplate a cheeky little Parent and Toddler park to make your life easier, think of the poor,  bedraggled parent/carer who has to manoeuvre a small travelling circus from their car.

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