Do you remember when I used to blog?

Yes. I’m currently M.I.A.

That stands for ‘Missing in action’ but it could also stand for ‘Missing in April’ as that is essentially what has happened. April has no posts – sigh…

I have a great reason though – I’m an English teacher. An English teacher who has two Year 11 exam groups. A teacher who has to ensure that at least 75% of her cohort achieve their target grade. This therefore means I need to be planning and marking my rear end off in order to achieve this. Sadly, this has meant that the blog has been shifted to the sidelines. I’d love to be spending time on it but there are other priorities at present.

Mummy Inc. is obviously priority number one, plus Mr Googling also needs his time and attention, not forgetting the over affectionate cat who is no less affectionate at present and then, as mentioned previously, those 50 or so students. Those students who are currently depending on their teacher to help negotiate their way through the most intense and stressful time of their lives they’ve experienced yet. And boy is it stressful – for all involved. Every year it is the same and I feel it just as much as they do, I work for it just as hard as they do, even harder in some cases. I’m hoping for a good results day in August; happy and proud faces with results they deserve – tears and devastation are never welcome on results day but it happens and you have to deal with it. Only time will tell.

So, for the time being, it may be a little quiet around here but I’ll be back. Just probably after June 7th – the last English exam.

Until then adieu!