Duvet Day

Currently Pudding is ill. It is not a pleasant experience and one finds herself feeling anxious and insecure in regards to the action taken during this time.

It all began with a cry over the baby monitor at 10.15pm last night that indicated, oddly, that Pudding had roused herself from slumber. I flew upstairs expecting to have to settle and soothe a toddler that had merely woken herself and couldn’t fall back asleep, instead I was shocked to find bed sheets that were saturated in sick.

Oh crap. Or sick to be precise!

All action stations are roused during a bout of illness and mummy senses go into overdrive. The bed was stripped, the pyjamas changed and all soiled items tossed aside to be washed and tumbled. It was frantic. It was fraught. It was frightening.

You feel so helpless when they’re ill. You want to comfort and make it all better but sometimes it’s just beyond you to do anything other than cuddle and soothe the best you can.

That night Pudding joined us in bed – I knew I just wouldn’t relax with her sleeping in her room and the fear of her choking on vomit in the night was ever present. I felt more in control over the situation with her slumbering next to me and Pudding herself just wanted her mummy there to soothe her, so soothe I did.

I think we managed sleep. There were two or three mini bouts of sickness during the night but it all settled in the end. In fact Pudding didn’t wake fully until 10am! Now that never happens!

A little rest and relaxation is always good.

A little rest and relaxation is always good.

Today, therefore, has been an official duvet day. Snuggles on the sofa and not leaving the house have been the order of the day. My little Pudding still isn’t herself and I have been in frequent reception of many a snuggle which, I won’t lie, has been rather lovely! You can never have too many cuddles – the oxytocin is a healing component of our DNA! Plus it was rather refreshing to not spend the day rushing here, there and everywhere which is usually what I do on our days off. I’m trying to cram everything in to those days when we have the luxury of spending time together – play dates, play groups, classes, visiting family and friends. We’re never in for long and it seems we’re just rushing from one place to the next.

Today has been refreshing. A day of slow recovery and reflection. Currently, the zeitgeist is telling us to be more mindful and present in the moment. Today has enabled this for us. I have lounged around in no make up and just sat cuddling a recovering rascal. There has been no rushing and rampaging from one event to the next. There have been no time constraints and routines. Just ensuring that the basic needs are addressed.  Eating and drinking when necessary, Nothing else.

Days like today are needed to give a little perspective. We all get run down and we need the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate but so do the little people in our lives. They need the time to recover and reflect. Recently, Pudding and I have been cramming do much in that she has even asked to stay in the house at times. I’ve cajoled her in to darting about with me on our many escapades.  However, the lesson of the duvet day has been clearly understood. Remember to take the time to slow down and recuperate when needed – for both of you!

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