Pregnant with number two: The first trimester – or – Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

Mini Muffin’s official first photo! Say cheese!

Hurrah! I am with child again! Jubilation is felt bursting within. Another little person to join our brood and be that long anticipated sibling for Pudding. Excitement surges as the pregnancy test proudly denotes the positive cross.

And then week five of being pregnant happens and you recall with a bump (no pun intended – honest!) just how crap you are going to be feeling for the next few months. Oh and you have a toddler.

So, how was the first trimester?


Do not get me wrong – I am so, so grateful to be carrying another precious pudding  and can not wait to meet the little muffin when it arrives, however, that does not mean that I have enjoyed the constant feeling of being sick for the past ten weeks (and counting).

The fact is that my new, regular bedtime is 8.00pm because there’s no chance in hell that I’ll be able to stay awake beyond that time. But this is cruelly offset with the 4am insomnia attack that will then run in to Pudding’s 5.45am wake up time. Exhausted before the very long day even starts. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Then there’s the nausea and sickness – to be fair I’ve only been sick a few times but it’s still pretty grim – the nausea peaks and troughs throughout the day but come 4pm that’s when the full hit begins. Constant waves of nausea washing over me as I try to drive, cook, eat, breathe … you get the idea.

Let us not forget the random food aversions – why yes, today I quite fancy a slice of lemon sponge; then the next minute no food is more repellent to me. I’m gagging at the mere suggestion of it. And it is with almost every food imaginable – there’s no rhyme or reason. One minute I’m desperately craving something, the next I’m about to hurl my guts out at the very mention of it. This isn’t exclusive to food, it’s also impacted my preference for drinks (non- alcoholic of course)! Obviously, one is expecting the usual tea and coffee aversion as that’s a common pregnancy symptom. What you might not expect is to feel ill at pretty much any drinkable fluid. Even water can  be hard to palette at times! I mean, seriously, water? The most basic thirst quenching liquid there is known to man? What’s with that?

The final, annoying thing that has made the first trimester so absolutely gratifying (sarcasm intended) is the fact my immune system has pretty much packed up and left. I’m averaging an illness every three to four weeks. This has ranged from: full blown flu complete with chills and aches, the old classic sickness and diarrhoea (sorry if that’s TMI) and a range of coughs and colds. Delightful. This could have been exasperated by the fact I am a teacher who is exposed to an entire student body of disease or the fact that I have a toddler who is also in that great stage of contracting everything from nursery.  Either way, along with the morning (noon and night) sickness, the constant battle with nausea and aversions to anything consumable being ill every few weeks is pretty much making me a right grumpy moo.

So, week 16 is fast approaching and one is hoping that this is the week the corner is turned and I will (FINALLY) find myself immersed in the glow of the second trimester. Yes – the trimester where you are glowing with pregnancy hormones, your hair is shiny and glossy, your bump is small and delicate enabling you to look pregnant and still have generally good mobility (unless SPD strikes) and you hit that energised level where you no longer feel awful. Hmmmmm…

I’ll keep you updated on that one, otherwise we might be looking at another post on ‘The second trimester of misery’.