So you’re back, from outer space….

And the award for the most inconsistent blogger goes to….?

Yes, it’s been a while and things have been pretty hectic around here. There was pregnancy, a house move whilst 38 weeks pregnant (yes it was as fun as it sounds) and then the little man himself made his appearance (but more on him later).

Then there was the whole parenting two children thing (not as easy as some people make it look) which threw things all out of sync. Plus Pudding decided to become a threenager. I’m already worried for the teenage years based on the mood swings and tantrums that we’ve seen so far ? from her!

However, things have started to settle and a new rhythm has been established. An equilibrium that has taken eight months to get on top of but that’s life isn’t it? As they say – life’s for the living – and everyday is another chapter in the narrative. Or blog.

Moving forward though, there’s lots of things that have been bobbing around my head and that I’m going to bounce around on this blog. Plus I feel Muffin needs a formal introduction. He’s possibly the most chilled out and joyful little bundle of rascal there ever was. You’ll love him.

So today I broke the radio silence. I’ve missed you. I hope you missed me too.

P.S. I hoped you enjoyed the disco reference title.

P.S.S. For those wondering why there are no puns in this post I thought I’d ease us all in gently ?.