When are you having another?

Planning another.

“When are you going to have another?” The age old cry is often thrown at every mother within a specific time period between giving birth and her baby’s first birthday. It can also have a range of different reactions, depending on the circumstances that said mother is in at the time. Some know they have had enough with one, some fear they may never have more than one, some excitedly discuss the idea of another or even a basketball team!

This question hasn’t really been an issue for me as I haven’t really been asked all that often. This, I feel, may be due to the fact that I have been very clear that there is indeed the desire to have two children. I was even banging on about baby number two when baby number one was a few weeks old. Baby number two has clearly been in my mind’s eye for as long as I can remember.

So when is the perfect time to have baby number two? This is the real question and it is perhaps the one with the most ambiguous answer. Let me explain…

So, it’s February 2015, Pudding is roughly 11 weeks old and I clearly declare to both my mum and friend (who is, coincidently 8 months pregnant with number 2) that we’ll start for number two in December for an ideally two year age gap. Ok, there is nothing distinctive about this I hear you cry, but it is January 2017 and there haven’t been any pregnancy announcements on this blog have there?

The reason for this is that we didn’t start to try for number two in December 2015. I had only been back at work a few months and getting the balance between motherhood, being a wife and having a career was actually a little harder than I thought. So it was pushed back to April, just after a family wedding.This would be the ideal two and half year age gap if we really wanted.  But then April came, and went, and no trying to conceive activities were started.

At this point I still wasn’t ready. I mean, I’d just settled back to work, things were powering along quite nicely and I’d started to get a social life like the one I’d had pre-baby. My figure was looking like it’s old self  and I felt that all important balance that I so often crave in my life. I wasn’t ready to rock the boat and so it was put off but with no real start up date in mind.

But the niggle for another was strong and I started to get broody – very, very, very broody.

However, the timing wasn’t right and with work it just wasn’t the time to be trying for a baby and so December 2016 was the new start date.

It is now the start of 2017 and it it is time to put my money where my mouth is. December 1st was officially the beginning of trying to expand the brood. The hubby has been ready and raring to go (always a positive when trying to make a new person) and I have been hitting the folic acid hard.

This is it. Now is the reality of the baby making game – will it be a quick and successful time in the field or a painstaking and heartbreaking endeavor – who knows??!! That is a blog for another day so for now it’s off to check the ovulation dates.

Toodle pip!